Friday, April 26, 2013

What a girl wants... ;)


What a girl wants??

Adam Levine, of course!! But, I saved the best for last!!:)

Thank you to those that have downloaded My Only Exception and thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone that has left a goodreads or amazon review, or have recommended the book to a friend.

You are the best! Truly.

The first week of a release always feels kinda like a rollercoaster to me. Up and down as you watch the response to it. Of course you hope that everyone will love it and leave great reviews, but it is pretty much predictable that not everyone will. I am so thankful that most of the response has been good. That makes me happyyy!!

Every book I write feels a bit like a child I'm putting out into the world. A little scary to me still, so when someone takes the time to let me know they liked it, well, it's a great feeling :)

If you have read My Only Exception, please take a few seconds to leave an Amazon review. They help so much when someone is trying to decide if a book is worth their time. I know reviews sure help me when I am trying to find a good read!

Okay, on to something a little more fun that I wanted to share. I found a few pictures that do a pretty good job of showing how I envisioned Presley, Braden, and Bree to look as I was writing. I posted them below and would love to know if they came close to what you envisioned as you were reading.

Presley looks pretty much exactly like she does on the cover. I was so pleased to have found someone who fit the bill so well.

I think this one is pretty close too


Then there is Presleys BFF, Bree. This picture is very close to what I imagined her to be, right down to the berry colored hair.
Now for Braden. I think Adam Levine is a great representation of who I imagined for Braden. And really, who wouldn't want him??? He is definitely what a girl wants!!

I may be drooling just a little bit looking at this picture...

Now I am off to spend the rest of my day with these three angels, and of course read :)

Hope you have a great weekend and please if you've read My Only Exception, stop by Amazon and leave a review. I'll love you forever!!!



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  1. Can you please please tell me the name of that red berry hair color. I s oooo like it and want that color.
    Desperately seeking that color :)