Monday, April 22, 2013

It just wouldn't leave me alone...

This is always my very favorite time --and it's almost here! Release day for my new adult contemporary romance, My Only Exception, is tomorrow and I am super excited.

I'm especially excited because this book was a little different for me. It kind of wrote itself. I had all intentions of writing my third book in The Crimson Bond series and yet this one literally attacked me.


I was minding my own business, trying to clean up the house while all three of my children ran around like nuts, and Presley's story jumped on me and wouldn't go away. A particular scene kept running through my head and it was just so vivid I couldn't keep cleaning -- I had to write it down.

You're probably thinking that cleaning wasn't a big deterrent from writing, but I'm a little OCD about a neat and orderly house and mine was in the process of being destroyed by three angel face tornados. So, for me to stop and let them continue to tear it to pieces while I tuned them out and entered Presley and Braden's world... well, that is saying a lot about just how persistantly this story was attacking me.

So I wrote what is now one of my favorite scenes and then went back and started Presley and Braden's story from the beginning. It just all fell into place and before I knew it I was just as in love with them as I am with Brooke and Alex from The Crimson Bond. And, of course, I forgave them for interrupting my cleaning ;)

Below is the cover for My Only Exception and a short blurb about it. I hope you will go to Amazon and order it tomorrow!! And, please, let me know how you like it!! :)

Presley Sutton grew up with a jaded heart. She didn’t give her heart away to anyone until Braden Worthington entered the picture. A tattooed heartthrob on the fast track to stardom, Braden is everything Presley‘s ever tried to avoid. Lead singer for the band, Chronic Need, Braden is known for his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude and Presley is sure this time will be no different. It goes without saying that falling for Braden Worthington would mean confronting her worst fear… heartbreak. But when Braden begins to chip away at the walls around her already fragile heart, Presley soon begins to realize that some things are worth the risk. If she can just get the guts to make Braden… her only exception.

And, because I love you so much, I've included below a excerpt from the scene that just wouldn't leave my alone....
*  *  *

Braden walked me up to my apartment door and I opened it, stepping aside to let him in. The small lamp I’d lit before leaving was lighting the room in a soft glow. I walked over to the table sitting next to the entryway and placed my pocket-book down, taking an extra second to reel the nerves back in that were making their appearance again.

I stood motionless when I felt Braden come up behind me sliding his hands over my hips and then gently kissing my neck. I sucked in a breath as he turned me around.

“Presley. I’m tired of fighting this. Tell me you want this as bad as I do.”

I looked into his green eyes lined with those killer dark lashes and what I saw in them was way more than just lust. I saw something that looked suspiciously like love, but of course had to be just affection. It was the same look I’d seen when he sang to me. And, it was enough to convince me that this was right.

But that little nagging voice in my head reminded me that he was leaving soon. And that scared me now more than ever because I was more emotionally involved than I’d ever let myself be with anyone.

“Braden, are you sure this is a good idea.” I gestured to the space between us, knowing my indecision was probably written all over my face. Not that I was undecided about him. I mean, give me a break, who wouldn’t want Braden? He was drop-dead gorgeous, passionate about everything he cared for, and had a voice that would practically melt a girl’s panties off.

I’d be crazy not to want him.

But now that I had actual feelings for him —it changed everything for me.

Usually with Braden, when it came to females, his passions ran hot until the next girl came along. And then he dropped her like a bad habit. I’d seen it before with him. A million times over.

And I was pretty sure I wouldn’t survive that. Because as much as I hated, really hated, to admit it: Braden touched something deep inside of me and I knew that I would never be satisfied with just being a short diversion. I wanted him all. And the worst part was —he already had my heart, whether he realized it or not.

*  *  *
Hope you enjoyed this little teaser and that you'll read their story tomorrow!
Have a great Monday!! :)

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